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This tool in PartsList allows one to rank protein "parts" according to many different criteria. Some sample criteria are shown below. (There are, of course, more incorporated in the system, see intermediate form, advanced form or alternative form.)

Occurrence in the E. coli genome (i.e. find the most common E. coli fold)
Occurrence in the yeast genome
Occurrence in the worm genome

Average expression level in yeast during heat shock (i.e. the most highly expressed fold)
Enrichment in the yeast transriptome as compared to the genome
Average change in expression during the diauxic-shift timecourse (i.e. the most changing fold)

Number of functions (i.e. the most multi-functional fold)
Number of interactions (i.e. the most interacting fold)
Maximum atom displacement during a motion (i.e. the most mobile fold)
Structural variability of the fold
Composition of Cysteine (i.e. the most Cys-rich fold)